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3 Years!

30 August 2012

Remember what happened at the bottom of THIS post? Something similar happened yesterday morning. I heard Kyler say: "UH OHHHH!!!" from the other room.  I walked over to him. He was holding out his hand to me. As I got closer I smelled something funny, and noticed his hand was covered in something brown. Yup. He had stuck his hand down his apparent poopy diaper. Nice anniversary present huh?  I have the feeling that potty training is right around the corner.

After I gave Kyler a good scrub down in the bathtub, Jared and I took him over to his cousin's house to play. We then spent the rest of our anniversary kid-less! We were so grateful that our family was willing to take him in.  Jared and I went to the Salt Lake City Temple (where we were married) and did a couple of sealing sessions.

 After that, we walked around a ginormous indoor/outdoor mall and bought a few things. The mall was BEAUTIFUL. It was landscaped so beautifully with flowers and trees, rivers, waterfalls, rocks imported from Brazil, and marble walkways throughout. I had never been to a mall like that before! We ended our mall adventure with dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory which is one of my favs.

After The Cheese Cake Factory Jared took me to a musical- We saw Dolly Parton's Musical 9-5. It was AWESOME! I definitely would recommend it. We then spent the rest of the night at Little America in down town Salt Lake.
It was an AMAZING anniversary to say the least. 
These last 3 years of my life have been the very best, and we love that we get to spend all eternity together.

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