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The semi long journey to Utah

26 August 2012

Our trip from Charlotte to Utah was about 15 hours (including our ridiculous long layover in NYC). It went about how I expected with Kyler. He was good the majority of the time but of course had his moments! One thing that made it a lot easier is these gel window clings. Seriously. Entertainment for hours! The push-pop was another thing that kept him quiet and happy for a good hour. It was a lil messy but i had a bib and pleanty of wet wipes. Another thing that was handy was strapping his carseat to our umbrella stroller. It made napping in the airport easy. I'm going to try to be really good at updating my blog this trip. Kyler is having his first ever sleepover tonight with his cousin Nathan. Be prepared to be picture overloaded! oh and I'm writing from my phone and have no idea what random order it will choose to upload them in. So here ya go!


  1. oh! window clings! you're a GENIUS!!! i am totally using that next time we travel. love that idea!

  2. oops! this is jessie, not paul. i guess i am not logged in.


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