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30 October 2012

Last weekend we went to Carowinds! For all of you non-NC people, Carowinds is an amusement park, kind of like Six Flags. Neither of us had been to an amusement park in many-many years so this weekend was mine and Jared's first time riding a roller coaster together! We went to the park on one of the last days it was opened this season, and it was SO FUN! Honestly, it was the perfect day to go as the weather was beautiful, and the park was empty. We literally didn't have to wait in lines! We road on three times as many rides (in a few hours) as you would normally be able to fit into one day.
 The coasters were AMAZING. I especially liked The Intimidater Jared's favorite was The Night Hawk.
 My parents joined us, and we took turns going on roller coasters and watching Kyler. 

Kyler got to go to the little kids area of the park called Snoopy Land-He loved it!
 This was his first time on a carousel. He was just a little too nervous to ride on the horse by himself, so I ended up holding him on my lap-he still loved it!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I can't believe how fast time seems to be going by lately. We are busy trying to decide what career path we want to follow and where we would like to end up is a slow process, but I think we are finally making progress! Meanwhile, we are just enjoying life here in NC.  Happy Halloween Eve!
 PS. stay tuned for Kyler's next home movie!

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