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Lullabies Before Bed

22 October 2012

Every night before I put Kyler in his bed, I like to sing to him.  We always sing what we call the "Mr. Moon" song, and I often like to sing a churchy song before bed as well.  One in particular that I call  Kyler's very own is "When He Comes Again":

Three weeks ago, we sang a song in church that I fell in love with. It's called "Come Unto Jesus". I've heard this song many times in my life, but when we were singing it, it almost sounded like a lullaby to me, and I decided right then and there that this would be our next child's "very own song". This song has been stuck in my head for the past three weeks (isn't that a super long time to have a song stuck in your head?!) I especially love the last two versus. This youtube channel won't let me post the video directly to my blog, but you can still click on the link and see it that way. I love this video that goes along with the song!

1. Come unto Jesus, ye heavy laden,
Careworn and fainting, by sin oppressed.
He’ll safely guide you unto that haven
Where all who trust him may rest.

2. Come unto Jesus; He’ll ever heed you,
Though in the darkness you’ve gone astray.
His love will find you and gently lead you
From darkest night into day.

3. Come unto Jesus; He’ll surely hear you,
If you in meekness plead for his love.
Oh, know you not that angels are near you
From brightest mansions above?

4. Come unto Jesus from ev’ry nation,
From ev’ry land and isle of the sea.
Unto the high and lowly in station,
Ever he calls, “Come to me.”

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