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Zooing Around

22 November 2012

We have been crazy busy the last few weeks. On Saturday, Jared and I ran in The Color Run 5k, and it was so fun! (running and fun in the same sentence? weirrd) I definitely recommend it. Watch the video if you don't know what it is!


We celebrated Kyler and Jared's birthdays this week too! 

Yesterday we went to the drive through zoo!

We bought a few buckets of food to feed the animals from the car windows-the kids loved it.

This Ostrich was taller than our suburban! Mel was afraid it would stick its' long neck through the car and poke her eyes out...she was all "Driive dad driiiive!" and so my dad stopped and rolled down the windows...bahahha I love my fam. 

Here is the story behind these next two pictures, but first you need to know the rules... Rule #12 (Schrammpa made us read the rules four times so I know this rule by heart) it was "do not feed the zebras. They are mean and bite." So obviously when this zebra started to stick its head through my window I "thought fast" and closed the window....

Okay okay, that's not what REALLY happened... what really happened was the whole car started screaming (I was sitting by the opened window on the right side if the car) and of course I wasn't looking until I felt a zebras wet breath and snotty whiskers on my neck. Then I jumped to the opposite side of the car onto my four year old nephews lap and squished my sister, Melanie, flat up against her window (which was closed- she's so smart) Then she yelled "charrrrr! close your window!!" which was kind of impossible considering the zebra was practically sitting in the middle seat next to us by now, but I was brave and kicked the zebra out and managed to close the window with my foot. Basically, I saved the day :)

Big Decision- where to live

09 November 2012

 Making decisions is something both Jared and I despise. Whether it is picking which movie we watch for date night, or deciding what to cook for dinner. Choices. We hate making them. That's probably why we have put off making this decision for such a long time. Which career should we pursue? We seriously considered medical school, but it just didn't feel right for us. We also thought about moving out west for graduate school, but oddly-that didn't feel right for us either.

After much prayer, analysis, and discussion, we feel like staying here with our current job is the right choice. We have discovered opportunities and potential growth in this career that fits our family life style and that is simply too great to pass up.

Reaching this decision has been difficult, yet refreshing. It makes sense and feels right to us. We are confident that this is the best option for our family, and acknowledge the guiding hand of the Lord in our life.

 I guess this means North Carolina is the place we call home for now!

Our Time

07 November 2012

 My life is extremely: chaotic-hectic-wild-exciting-flustering-vibrant- and sometimes zoolike....but occasionally it is also:
-laid back and peaceful-

I work 30+ hours a week taking care of other people's kids (in addition to my own) and I love it!...but every once in a while I get a whole day that is just me and Kyler, and I love that most.

We laze around together, snuggle on the couch (for a whole 10 seconds that he will stay still) play games, go on walks, do chores together, and do anything else Kyler wants. That little boy has me wrapped around his chubby little finger. I love "our time" together.

   I made this video of Kyler by compiling random video clips from my phone and adding music. It's nothing fancy, but something to be able to look back on in the years to come and remember what life was like when he was this age. I still can't believe he will be TWO next week!

PS. We finally made the HUGE decision concerning our future(schooling/career and where we will be living)...more on that later!

First time trick-or-treating

02 November 2012

Kyler was a ninja turtle for Halloween! He absolutely loved getting candy from people, and we ended up with way too much. Now what to do with it all? I'm sure I can figure something out ;). He wouldn't hold still for pictures so this is the best I have. Also I'm going to attempt to post a video from my phone, we'll see how that goes- of his first house he went to.
 He kept saying "WHOA!" like he had never seen that much candy in his life (which he hasn't lol).