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Big Decision- where to live

09 November 2012

 Making decisions is something both Jared and I despise. Whether it is picking which movie we watch for date night, or deciding what to cook for dinner. Choices. We hate making them. That's probably why we have put off making this decision for such a long time. Which career should we pursue? We seriously considered medical school, but it just didn't feel right for us. We also thought about moving out west for graduate school, but oddly-that didn't feel right for us either.

After much prayer, analysis, and discussion, we feel like staying here with our current job is the right choice. We have discovered opportunities and potential growth in this career that fits our family life style and that is simply too great to pass up.

Reaching this decision has been difficult, yet refreshing. It makes sense and feels right to us. We are confident that this is the best option for our family, and acknowledge the guiding hand of the Lord in our life.

 I guess this means North Carolina is the place we call home for now!

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