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07 November 2012

 My life is extremely: chaotic-hectic-wild-exciting-flustering-vibrant- and sometimes zoolike....but occasionally it is also:
-laid back and peaceful-

I work 30+ hours a week taking care of other people's kids (in addition to my own) and I love it!...but every once in a while I get a whole day that is just me and Kyler, and I love that most.

We laze around together, snuggle on the couch (for a whole 10 seconds that he will stay still) play games, go on walks, do chores together, and do anything else Kyler wants. That little boy has me wrapped around his chubby little finger. I love "our time" together.

   I made this video of Kyler by compiling random video clips from my phone and adding music. It's nothing fancy, but something to be able to look back on in the years to come and remember what life was like when he was this age. I still can't believe he will be TWO next week!

PS. We finally made the HUGE decision concerning our future(schooling/career and where we will be living)...more on that later!


  1. very cute video. i am a huge fan of videos like that too. random clips plus a cute song equals instant favorite!

  2. Your family is TOO CUTE! I seriously can not wait to be where you are in life. For now I'll just live vicariously through your posts haha
    -Your newest follower


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