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Bye Bye Binky!

19 December 2012

Pacifier. Binky. Paci. Bink. Plug. -They're all the same thing. Kyler calls it his "Keenkey"- but whatever you want to call it, it's time for ours to go "bye bye".

I loved using the binky to soothe Kyler when he was an infant. Once he started to walk I tried taking it away, but then he started sticking his thumb in his mouth...and I thought it would be easier to break the habit with a binky rather than a thumb (and less germs too!) Kyler is still OBSESSED with his binky. It is his most treasured item. So I am anticipating that this "getting rid of the binky" process is going to be very difficult.

Since Kyler was 18 months old, we have only been letting him have it in his bed (and occasionally in the car or when he's not feeling good).  Now he relies on his binky to fall asleep. How in the world am I supposed to take away his most favorite item in the world? Our pediatrician recommended tying it with a short ribbon onto the leg of his toddler bed by the floor. That way he can have it whenever he wants but he will have to lay on the floor in a weird position to suck on it. He said they get tired of the "inconvenience" and stop sucking on it all together. I think we are going to try this method first and see how it goes... Here's day one:

How did you (readers who have done this before) get rid of your baby's binky?


  1. our plug is beloved, especially since I have such a good sleeper! But alas, she will be we Jan 3rd and I KNOW I must say goodbye. Good luck, keep us posted!!!

  2. When I was younger my "paci" was my most treasured baby item, my family still jokes about it now. I loved that thing.
    I vaguely remember the day that my paci got "lost" never to be found again. I had fallen asleep on the couch with it and when I woke up it was gone. I found it a few years later in my mom's baby box haha
    I guess that's one way to get rid of it! : )

  3. We went cold turkey with Buddy when he turned two. It only took a couple of nights of me going into his room to comfort him when he couldn't fall back to sleep without it. Whatever your plan is, stick with it! Do NOT give in or this could drag on for much longer and cause more heartache for everyone.

  4. I am already dreading the day. Easton is such a good sleeper and depends on it to fall asleep, let me know how it goes becaues our binky is going bye bye soon.


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