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Chalk Paint and Kyler's X-Rays

07 December 2012

 This week in preschool  we learned that the word "paint" starts with the letter "P" and then the kids practiced writing the letter "p" with paint outside! I've seen  posts all over Pinterest of homemade chalk paint, but I thought it looked like too much work and too messy to ever motivate me enough to want to do this activity in the past. However, we were overdue for a messy craft in preschool- so I decided to do it anyways.  Turns out, the kids (and I) LOVED it!

It was definitely messy, and may have been sampled at one point or another by my own son (can you blame him? It looks delish) but that's okay because it is completely safe, and super easy to make:
       -1 cup cornstarch
-1 cup water
   -food coloring 
Isn't it pretty?
Chalk paint was definitely a success over here. You should try it!

On a completely different subject: Kyler went to the doctor for his 2 year check-up today. While doing the physical exam of his hips, we heard a loud grinding noise (not normal) when he moved his legs around in different positions. I had never heard that before!  He asked if Kyler was breech when I was pregnant with him (I said yes, that's why he was a C-section) and the doctor then asked me if his X-Rays turned out normal when he was 4 months old.
Apparently, (I had no clue and I guess my Idaho doctors over looked this) but it is standard procedure for breech babies to have an x-ray and or ultrasound of their hips done at 4 months to check and make sure they are growing in the proper place. Hip dysplasia is always a risk with breech babies. Why didn't anyone tell me this before? Anyways, the doctor was shocked when I told him that Kyler never had those x-rays done, and he sent us over to the hospital to have them taken right away (because of the abnormal grinding and because Kyler started walking a little later {around 14 months})

The doctor said that even though Kyler is walking normally now, if the hips aren't growing in the correct place (see image), it can cause him to limp when he grows and then he could have other hip problems down the road. So IF that is the case they would do a surgery now to prevent that from happening later.

Now we are just waiting to get the results back from the x-rays. I really hope everything looks okay with our little guy! It was kinda traumatic going in to the doctors expecting nothing to be wrong, and then walking out thinking that your child might need surgery. So I am doing my best to keep my cool and stay positive. We will most likely get the results tomorrow!

NOTE TO READERS: If your baby/child ever has to have an x-ray done, make sure you bring another adult with you! I went by myself today, and it was very difficult. I swear every mom should grow 2 extra arms for every child that she has. Kyler was scared of the huge x-ray machine. It made him cry, and he kept trying to get off the table--I had a really difficult time trying to hold him down in the position that he needed to be in for the x-ray while trying to comfort him AND  trying to keep the little lead apron from falling off. I thought there would be a nurse or someone to help me, buuut there wasn't. So yeah, just a little tip in case you ever find yourself in the situation I was in today!


  1. we do chalk paint all the time! we love it.

    hope everything turns out okay with the X-rays! how scary!

  2. Just said a prayer for you and your sweet little boy. Please let us know how everything goes!!

  3. So fun! I've never heard of chalk paint but I'm sure with our baby on the way it won't be long til I'm experimenting with all the fun kid toys!


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