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31 December 2012

Well hello there! I hope your holidays have been just as fabulous as ours have been.
First of all, I would like to congratulate this little guy for completely getting rid of his binky:
He threw me completely off guard. I thought we were in for at least a week with no sleep and lots of crying, but that is not what happened at all! I tied his binky to the leg of his crib with a short ribbon. He walked into his room, touched it, and said "uh oh. kuck! " (stuck).  That night he cried for less than 5 minutes, and then gave up and fell asleep. "That's it?!" I asked my husband, "He doesn't even really care?" and then I started bawling on Jared's shoulder because...well...I'm a mom and I get sad about my baby growing up. bahaha. Yep, I cried more than my son.  
The next day I caught Kyler kneeling awkwardly by his crib sucking on his binky, but he gave up after about 10 seconds.
A few days later I threw the binky away. Kyler said "All gone!" when I put him to bed that night and that was the end of binky.

I feel like Christmas came and went so quickly this year. We kept it simple for Kyler, and got him a balloon for Christmas (he is obsessed with them) along with a few other things that were given to him from family and friends. He was a happy boy!

A few days after Christmas we went to the Lucky Leaf (our fam beach house) which is always an adventure. Saturday morning there was a storm that made the waves huge! You can't tell from the picture how big they were, but Jared and I had fun surfing/ boogie boarding in the waves later that afternoon. (with wet suites on of course).

 Kyler kept trying to get in the ocean when we went on walks on the beach. He loved being able to run wild and free! He handed me this seashell and said "rock"...close enough.

Happy (almost) New Year!!


  1. Yay no binky but sad he is growing up so fast

  2. Love this post. It's so full of life's good things! Adorable binky story. Your son sounds like a sweetheart!


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