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10 December 2012

As I left the doctors office on Friday, I was told that we would recieve Kyler's X-ray results of his hips by the end of the day. However, the computer systems went down after we left. Just our luck right?

Later on Friday, we got a call from our pediatrician saying that he looked at the X-rays and couldn't tell so he would have to have the Radiologist read them and let us know tomorrow. Saturday came and went, and we still hadn't heard back.  By this point I was freaking out thinking that there was something terribly wrong. I had so many thoughts running through my head the entire weekend like {What if Kyler walks funny as he gets older, and all of the kids make fun of him?...Will he ever be able to play sports like football without fear of his hips getting dislocated?...How in the world would he survive being in a cast not being able to walk for 4-6 months if he has to have surgery?...He is two years old, I cant even get him to sit still for 10 minutes!...etc)

However, all of my worries and concerns came to a halting stop early Monday morning when I got the call...

Kyler's X-rays are completely normal, and he won't need surgery!

What a relief! I am so glad that everything is good with our little boy! It was scary, as a mother, worrying about something being wrong, and the possibility of Kyler needing surgery to fix it.  I have SO much more respect for other mothers whose kids have had surgery, and more serious/life-threatening health problems.

This experience has made me realize that life can be changed in an instant. Sometimes I find myself complaining about things that I don't have, and I forget to be thankful for all of the things that are good in my life.

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