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What's In My Diaper Bag?

03 December 2012

Today I saw this youtube video. Her diaper bag is COMPLETELY organized. There is a special place for every object, and separate pockets for just about everything. I laughed out loud just thinking about what I would look like up on youtube going through my own diaper bag. Everything is just kind of dumped in there. It drives me NUTS not being organized and not being able to find things when I need them. I'm constantly having to clean it out... and lucky YOU today is one of those let's take a look at my own diaper bag!

It looks pretty cute on the outside, right? That's all that seemed to matter when I bought it at the time. pfff who needs functionality, I thought.  Well apparently I do, because I regret buying this bag, just like I regret buying my 6inch black heals for church (tall pointy heals and a heaaavy toddler combined with the fact that I am extremely clumsy-doesn't mix so well) but they are cute. So, I will keep wearing them :)

Alright, now for a picture of the inside of my dumping zone diaper bag:
See what I mean? Nothing has a place. It's all just kinda thrown in there. The bag does have a few pockets, but nothing ever stays in them. If per chance something does stay in the pocket it is supposed to be in, I spend 5 minutes fishing around for it at the bottom of the bag, and then the next day I will finally find it in the pocket where it was supposed to be. LOL

Alright let's list what's in there...shall we? (I'm nervous. There is bound to be something completely embarrassing (or rotten) in here.)

-Baby wipes (I always seem to run out with such a small case)
-2 of Kyler's favorite books and 1 book that is not mine and I have no idea where it came from. (It looks girly and has a bumble bee on it... if it's yours let me know!)
-My headphones
-2 candy wrappers
-Empty gum container
-A tape measure (Huh?)
-1 (clean of course) diaper
-Goldfish (LOTS OF THEM, I think the whole bag spilt in here. woops)
-3 toys
-One crayon (I use it as my pen bahah)
-2 lip glosses 
-A spoon (handy right?)
-A granola bar wrapper
-Fruit snacks
-2 binky's (I've been looking for these! They were in a pocket. Go figure.)
-3 old receipts
-Oh here is the gum that fell out of the above empty container! All of the pieces of gum are mushed in with the goldfish crumbs...yum.
-Chick-fil-A sauce (I'm addicted to this stuff)
-Last thing, my keys (clipped to outside)

That's it!
I'm thinking I need to invest in a new diaper bag that has magical pockets and zippers, to keep my bag more organized. What's the weirdest thing in YOUR diaper bag?


  1. I tried to think of the weirdest thing in my bag right now, but I don't even have a CLUE WHAT'S in there!

  2. Oh I'm terrified to see what ends up in my diaper bag in the next few months! But I definitely need to figure out what to pack in the bag in these next 2 weeks because my baby is coming whether I'm ready for her or not :)

  3. What a darling blog! Just found you from Glam Hungry Mom!! Nice to meet you!


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