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Above the toilet? Really?

04 January 2013

We have zero counter space in our bathroom. We have a hutch above the toilet which is supposed to make up for that. It's a great space saver; don't get me wrong! Without it, we wouldn't have any room to store all of our bathroom junk: toothpastes (his and hers of course because he likes Crest and I prefer Colgate lol!) perfumes, colognes, shaving necessities, hair-ties, hair gel, nail polish,etc.

The problem is that the shelves are only 3 inches wide, and when you pick up something another thing is bound to fall out, and when something does falls with 99% accuracy directly into the toilet. 

The 1% is that glorious moment when something falls and the lid just happens to be closed :)

Why don't we just leave the toilet lid closed?

Good question! We do try, but with a toddler who recently learned how to flush the potty and loves watching the water go round and is constantly leaving the toilet seat up...everything in the cupboard is at risk of falling in. 

Just to name a few things that have fallen in the toilet in the past few weeks:
-Jared's Comb (hehe sorry Dear if you are reading this)
-My Toothbrush-don't worry I rinsed it off in cool water before using it again. (This is called sarcasm)

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