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Rainy Day Activities

18 January 2013

Frank Schnabel/Corbis photo
  It has been cold and wet here lately. Definitely not my favorite type of weather. While we have been stuck inside this week, I came up with a list of rainy day activities (click it for fun). Here are a few activities that my son loved:

-Build a fort-It is such an easy activity, but not one you normally think to do. We used blankets and sheets and put Kyler's mini couch (that folds into a bed) inside with more blankets and pillows. We also used his ikea tunnel to make an entrance. Kyler and his little friend LOVED this activity.
-Play with balloons- This is always a Kyler favorite rain or shine
-Play at the mall's indoor play area- Free and fun!
-Pool toys in the bathtub- No joke, he played for a solid hour in there. I also threw a water balloon in the tub.
-Make a special treat- We made these no bake cake batter truffles. They were UH MAZE inggg
-Paint on a large poster board- Messy, but fun.
-Sport's Connection- We went here for Kyler's little friend Ashlynn's birthday party, but it is also perfect for rainy days. It is a kid's paradise. They had large inflatable moon bounces, bumper cars, bowling, laser tag, a mini merry-go-round, and arcade games. So. Much. Fun.

Sorry for the grainy iphone pics

This rainy week wasn't too bad-actually it was really fun- but I'm definitely grateful the sun is back today.

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