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Someone Has To Say It

11 January 2013

I read an article the other day about how awesome us mommies are at bragging about our kids. It cracked me up. Of course I may or may not be guilty of a few of the things she mentioned, (who isn't?) but I don't really consider myself an over the top bragger either. If anything, I try to boost my mom pals up whenever possible by complimenting their kids. Anyways, here is the list of the 8 most annoying things moms brag about according to (I would add the link but I'm blogging from my phone and it's not an option right now)

1. The Early Developer. Yes, we get it, your kid lost all her teeth by the end of kindergarten. Unfortunately it will take a whole lot more for her to get into college!
-"Walking by 4 months? Oh my!"

2. The Percentile Pusher. So, your kid is in the 99th percentile ... and your husband is 6'5". Could have seen that one coming ... now let's get on to something that really matters.
-"Whew! At least my child's weight percentile is lower than their height- which makes them the most beautiful creature on this planet!"

3. The Simpatico Siblings. It's nice that your kids get along, but something tells me that all those "perfect" moments you're constantly sharing get forgotten on long road trips. Sibling rivalry is normal, it's OK to admit it happens!
-"My oldest is always taking care of the youngest and is just so sweet! All. Of. The. Time!"

4. The Kids Who Potty Train Themselves. Honey, if she watched you go into the bathroom every day, she was learning from you ... that's part of training. So let's revisit: WHO didn't have to potty train their kid?
-"One day my child told me he needed to go potty and that was the end of diapers forever!"

5. The Multilingual Toddler. Yes, they can count to 10 in 5 languages thanks to Dora and her pals. No, that will not help you in the least when the whole fam takes a trip to Europe this summer.
-"Baby sign language totally counts and makes my child bilingual and therefore...smarter than yours."

6. The Perfectly Behaved Kids. I'm sorry that you've never once had to discipline your daughter. She sounds awfully boring.
-"We have never had to use a form of discipline in our home, because everything she does is absopooply perfect!"

7. High Performing Children. Sweetie, are these children or are they car engines?
-"I just added my 5th "Honor Roll Student" bumper sticker on my van."

8. The Kids Who "Need" Extra Everything (Classes, Toys, Whatever). Regarding the word need, let me borrow a phrase from the classic, The Princess Bride: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
-"My child needs one of EVERY kind of Barbie because she loves them and 17 dolls isn't enough."

Okay so I may have exaggerated what I've heard moms say in the past, but you get the idea- somebody has to say it. Mom's are good at bragging, and most every mom does! If you don' either aren't thinking clearly and can't remember or... you are an alien. That simple.

What are the most annoying things your mom friends brag about?

Oh and just because now I'm feeling like I don't post enough about Kyler's un-cute is a video of 12 seconds in the car with Kyler. Spitting. Screaming. Hitting. You name it.


  1. SO true! Sometimes, you just have to roll your eyes and laugh. I do have a well behaved in general little girl. But its because I don't leave the house when she is being a pill! lol No engery for that two-year-old drama 8 months pregnant. But next time I'm video taping it for teen blackmail. Oh Moms!

  2. This is freaking Hi.lar.i.ous! As a former teacher, it's even better! I have lots of mom friends and with no children of my own, I think they really feel like they can brag to me b/c I have no comparison!


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