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The Red Balloon

25 January 2013

I know I've said it before, but I am going to say it again-because I can. Kyler is obsessed with balloons. As annoying as it can be when he shoves his hand full of balloons he drags around the house in your face... I think it is cute that he loves them so much :)  He kisses them goodbye every time we leave the house, and I have also seen him tuck his balloons in bed and cover them with a blanket (note we don't let him sleep in the same room as his balloons for safety reasons).  Anyway, I found this movie on Netflix called The Red Balloon, and now Kyler asks to watch it everyday. I am really surprised that he likes it so much, because it was filmed in 1956 and there is almost no dialogue in the entire thirty-four minute movie.  I think it's a pretty cute movie though, and I find it very pleasant to have on in the background, as the background music is very soothing, unlike many of today's cartoons.  Here is my view on a daily basis:
A boy with balloons watching a boy with balloons
Life in Charlotte is pretty good! We recently had a few days where there was a "threat of snow" and everybody freaked out and emptied the grocery stores and cancelled schools, and then it didn't even snow. Southerners are so funny! Jared and I especially had a good laugh at them... having lived in Blizzard City, Idaho.
Kyler is his daddy's little helper
Jared has been "on call" this week for work. Which doesn't happen very often thank goodness! I would explain what that means, buuut it involves too many big words that don't mean anything to me, or you for that matter, so in my simplified explanation of what he does while being "on call" it means that if doctors have any questions/problems (concerning the medical records system) after hours they call him... and he helps/ fixes their problems. (aaand if my husband is reading this right now he is most likely laughing at my explanation of what he does :p oh well.)  He has only been paged a few times this week, none of which have been in the middle of the night. Yet. Knock on wood.

 And that's all for now!

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