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Mister Moon

22 February 2013

Kyler's vocabulary is increasing (obviously he's two), but his pronunciation isn't the best. In fact, most people don't understand half of what he is says. I know I should be correcting him when he mispronounces words, and most of the time I do, but there are a few words that I can't help but love the way he says them. Here are a few of the words he says that I don't plan on correcting anytime soon:
"Sauce" (socks)
"Geek" (cute)
"Bich" (fish..I know so bad haha)
"Skuck" (stuck)
and his newest word: "Coo-coo" which means "moon"  up until now he has been calling the moon a balloon that's "skuck".

Before bed each night, we probably sing on average 5 songs. Recently he has been requesting a song that he calls the coo-coo song (actually called Mister Moon). It's a song that my mom used to sing to me! So I love that he loves it too. I found a youtube video the song. The animation is kinda cute, but her singing voice? Not-so-much. No offense to her, but I thought it was a man singing at first!

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