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Valentine's Day Photo Shoot? Nailed It.

12 February 2013

I finished a little Valentines day craft this week. I got the idea from A girl was selling paper heart garland for $15. Isn't that ridiculous? Yes it is. So I decided to make some paper heart garland myself to use in the background for Kyler's Valentines photo shoot. Here is the finished heart product:
 This is one of those crafts you have fun making, but when you are finished you take a look at it...and realize it's stupid and you feel like a 7 year old, but you display it anyways. Then when a friend comes over and says she likes it you catch yourself wanting say "Thanks my kid made it." but then you realize he is two and that would be impossible. So then you want to say "Yeah, I made it in like 2 minutes." but that would be a lie because cutting out paper hearts and sewing them together is actually quite time consuming. Let alone the time it took me to iron each heart and don't get me started on the amount of time it took me to dig my sewing machine out of my preschool craft closet. So then you settle with telling your friend "Thanks, it did look a lot better, but apparently Kyler likes to crinkle paper hearts." Which is true.

Before you see Kyler's super awesome Valentines Day pics, first take a look at the pictures my sister took of my adorable niece and nephew. Aren't they perfect?!

Here is another Valentines picture she took of her friends kids. How adorable is this?!

Then here are the pictures I took of Kyler.
This is REAL LIFE:

I was too embarrassed to send these to my sister after the adorable ones she emailed to me. I mean how can I compete her perfect pictures?! 

Mine had paper hearts flapping all over the place in the wind, balloons all tangled together. Oh and I love how you can see my refection in the balloon (not planned). I was jumping up and down while waving my arms like a frantic lunatic trying to get Kyler to look at me and smile. Nailed it.

I finally got him to semi smile once, but then his eyes were closed. Fail.

I don't have a fancy camera (just my phone) and my pictures of  Kyler might not be perfect, but I love them. Anyway, my favorite valentines picture of him was one that I randomly snapped in the car. Totally unplanned... but he he is looking at me and smiling. It was a real moment. A real smile. And totally Kyler.
Happy Valentines week!


  1. Ohhhh char. You crack me up! You're so cute.

  2. Oh my goodness after "This is real life" I quite literally "lol'd" for like 3 minutes! You're hilarious and your little man is absolutely adorable! I love that cute smiley picture of him! p

  3. you and your family are adorable! sorry it took me so long to accept your button swap... i get lazy about checking passionfruit! haha, but so glad you stopped by my blog :)


  4. Oh my gosh! How did I miss this?! I'm dying! Story of my life! Kyler is the cutest thing ever! I'd say you definitely nailed it!


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