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Growing Boy, and Thoughts on Potty Training

26 March 2013

Kyler got new big boy shoes this week! He wears size 7 now. His old red converse shoes were size 6 and were getting pretty out. We went with Sperrys this time...with VELCRO straps instead of those time consuming laces. I love them!
Old and NEW
All of Kyler's 12-18 month clothes are put away as he now wears 18m-2T! He growing taller and slimming down, most of his baby chubba lubs are gone, but he still has plenty for me to munch on, and I DO love munching. We also recently went up a size in diapers too. Size 3 and 4 diapers still fit, but we like size 5 because they are more absorbent. These will be the last size before he is potty trained!

New size vs the old size
I've been doing a lot of research on potty training lately. A few facts about potty training I found interesting:
-Girls typically potty train sooner than boys. (Girls usually potty train around 2 -3 years old and boys typically are 2.5-3.5 years old)
-The first child in the family typically potty trains later than any kids that may come after. (I found this interesting because the same is true about speech. The younger siblings learn to speak faster from older siblings)

Poor Kyler has both things going against him. He's a boy and the first child. haha. I have a friend whose older kids completely potty trained her youngest son, and she didn't do anything! Crazy, she is so lucky. I'm so nervous about potty training. hah

 Anyways, Kyler is showing a lot of signs of being ready to potty train, and I think we will start within the next few weeks/months. If you look at the potty training readiness tips here, Kyler is doing all of those things, but still needs a little work on undressing himself (those buttons on pants can be tough!) and broadcasting his bodily functions (I don't think he realizes when he is peeing yet).  

If any of you have recently potty trained a little boy, I would love any tips/ advice! Did you teach him to pee standing up first or sitting down on the potty? Did you do the little portable potty you take in different rooms or attach a smaller seat to the normal toilet? Thanks so much readers!!

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