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17 March 2013

Hello!! My friend Carissa tagged me in the Liebster Award. How fun!! Check out her blog here  She has an adorable baby girl!

Even though I did a Liebster post back in January I thought it would still be fun to answer Carissa's questions. So here they are:

1. What nicknames have you been given thus far in your life? Char, Charskimo, Cher, Schrammster, char-char. That's all I can think of at the moment.
2. Would you rather be a sports star, rock star, or famous actress and why? If I had to choose, I'd pick sports star. Even though I've always loved being in plays and musicals, I think a sports star lifestyle would fit me better with less drama. haha
3. What physical part of your husband do you love the most? (keep it pg of course) This is probably weird for me to love, but I love the groove above Jared's top lip and below his nose. It's called the philtrum in case you were wondering. Don't ask me how I knew what that was called (okay, google). I love Jared's philtrum!! I realize that might not sound pg but it is. haha
4. What age are you most looking forward to your child being? Can I rewind instead? I miss Kyler's newborn age. He was so squishy and soft! haha no, but I look forward to him being 8 years old. Old enough to know, and young enough to still play and have imagination.
5. Who was your favorite teacher ever and why? Ooo. Tough one. I have a lot of favorite teachers, but the most recent one that comes to mind would be my New Testament teacher in college, Brother Wahlquist. I loved his teaching style.
6. What do you think most people's first impression of you is? -Awkward- Hah, I don't know if that's true or not, but I almost always forget people's name the second after they say it, and I'm quiet at first.
7. What store is your go to store for clothes? I've been going to Forever 21 a lot lately.
8. How did your husband first ask you to hang out/go out? I was the cheerleading coach at BYU-I. Jared came to one of the football games I was cheering at. After the game was over he "conveniently" happened to be walking out at the same time as me and offered to give me a ride home. Of course having no car and living so far away from the field I said yes. In the car he asked if I was hungry. I wasn't. But catching on that he was asking me out of course I said "Yes, I'm starving." or something along those lines. Then it hit me that I was still in my cheerleading uniform. It was against "the rules" to wear the cheerleading uniform anywhere except home and on the sidelines of the field. Being the coach, I felt a special responsibility to abide by the rules, but didn't want to cop out on my first date with Jared, so I ended up wearing one of Jared's ginormous sweatshirts he had in his car over my cheerleading uniform so that it was completely covered. Your prob thinking "did she just say she wore a big baggy sweatshirt on their first date?" Yeeeah, my outfit was hawt.
9. What's something your child has done that made you really laugh recently? Yesterday we tried to teach Kyler how to jump. It was hilarious. He is so uncoordinated.
10. Would you rather have twin boys, twin girls, or one of each? I am OBSESSED with twins. Seriously, I've always wanted twins. I've even researched multiple times things that I could do to increase my chances of having twins. Unfortunately I'm not over the age of 40, don't have a history of twins, I'm not black, overweight or my chances of having twins is seriously: not going to happen... buuut I can always dream. haha! So my answer is I would take ANY set of twins, whether they be boys, girls or one of each. I'm too obsessed with the fact that it would be twins that I wouldn't care!
11. Finish the sentence: Never underestimate the power of a good... nap.


  1. Haha oh man I was cracking up at some of your answers! You're husbands philtrum! Haha! Thanks for doing it! :)

  2. Oh man, I nominated you for one too!! Haha...feel free to answer them if you'd like:)
    Love your blog! And yes, naps are the greatest ever.


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