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Sprinting to Flush

14 March 2013

I really have no idea why I am writing this on the blog. It's kinda embarrassing. and about POOP. Yup. You just read that. I'm writing an embarrassing blog post about poop.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to use the restroom while talking on the phone? Well I have. I just had a flash back memory to one of those times. It happened a few weeks after Jared and I were married....over 3.5 years ago:

A new school semester had just started. Jared was already in his first class, and I was getting ready to leave for my first class when I got an important phone call. I had to take it. I got ready for school and used the restroom while talking on the phone so that I wouldn't be late to class. I obviously didn't want the person on the other end of the phone to know that I was in the bathroom, so of coarse I told my self I would wait until I hung up off the phone and then I would go back and flush the toilet. I quietly washed my hands, finished getting ready, and ended the phone conversation just in time to grab my back pack, grab a pop-tart, and rush out the door.

My first class was in the Clark building. Possibly one of the furthest buildings away from our tiny apartment... probably about a mile, or a good 15 minute walk. Driving wasn't an option because I didn't have the special parking pass. Soooo I walked as quickly as I could to the Clark building in the bitter cold Idaho wind. Luckily it was all down hill and I'm a fast walker, so I made it to class just in time! Class started. I took out my notebook and started to write.....

Then it hit me.

It was most definitely #2 of course. I glanced at the clock. Jared's class would be out in 15 minutes...he would go home...and then see that I didn't flush!!! In my newly wed mind, this was unacceptable and I immediately got reeeal embarrassed at the thought of him seeing that. So embarrassed, I remember I started sweating in class. hahaha. 

I left my notebook open on my desk, and discretely grabbed my jacket. Before slipping out of class I briefly locked eyes with the professor, Mr. McCoy, who I hoped thought that I was just stepping out of class for a minute to use the restroom. Little did he know.

.... I mean reeeeallly RAN...  

I sprinted that mile up the steep hill in the bitter cold wind. 

Just. To. Flush. The. Toilet. 

Jared wasn't home yet. He hadn't seen anything. Phew!!! I had made it just in time.

Then I sprinted another mile down the hill in the freezing wind back to class....hoping nobody noticed I was gone for a good 20 minutes...and hoping nobody noticed I was completely out of breath.

I recently told this "sprinting to flush" memory to Jared, and he and I both had a good laugh :D


  1. Hahahahahahaha, love it. It's ok to put embarassing things on our blogs, Johnny was confused why I put the "soldiers in the drain" picture up. Oh, well! :)

  2. Hahahahahahahaha!! That is hilarious!!!

  3. P.S. I tagged you in my blog for the liebster award!


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