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Thunderstorm Watching

19 March 2013

There was a thunderstorm here last night. It was the first good one we've had in several months.  Apparently Kyler was too young to remember any of the previous thunderstorms, because when he first heard the booming thunder, his head shot straight up and with wide eyes he exclaimed "Whas dat?!"

So we wrapped ourselves up in blankets, and Jared & I took Kyler out under our covered front porch to watch his first thunderstorm. We made it our FHE activity for the night. Each time lighting would light up the sky Kyler would say "Whoa!!" Then, he would apprehensively wait for the thunder (which he was scared of but loved the thrill).  Each time he heard thunder he would nestle in a little closer to Jared, his little body shaking with fear, chewing on the edge of his blanket...and when it was over he would cheer along with us wanting it to start all over again. We sure do love this little boy. Here is another little "Kyler Movie" I put together made up from random video clips on my phone. Enjoy!

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