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12 April 2013

My fellow blogging friend Heather, over at Morning Glory, nominated me for the Liebster award. She asked me a some questions and today I would like to answer a few of them!

1. What is the best piece of blogging advice you have received so far?
I have received a lot of really good blogging tips, but one piece of advice that has really stuck with me is to blog about what ever you want and don't care what other people think when they read it. Write what is on your mind. You should be afraid to push the post button because it is so honest, and so you.

2. Why did you start blogging?
 I've always been horrible at keeping a journal, and I've never been a scrapbooker. Blogging is my way of doing both, and I love it!

3. What are your goals for your blog?
I currently have two blogging goals. One goal is to post on the blog at least twice a week, and the other is to increase my blogging traffic. Let me explain that second one a little better: I don't write on this blog to see how popular I can become. I write because I want to... and-I-enjoy-it! That being said, it is always nice to be heard and to know that people are actually reading what I write. I love reading other people's blogs (especially my "follower's" blogs). I feel like blogging is kind of it's own little world where we can share stories and boost each other up when we need it, give tips, and advice! I would like to increase my blogging traffic so that maybe someday, something I write about my life, will help somebody in their life, or even just make someone smile! That would make all of the time I put into this blog worth every second.

That's all I have time to answer right now. Kyler is going to wake up from his nap soon, and I still have dishes and a never ending pile of laundry to do (thanks to the beach trip).

Until next time! -Char

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  1. I just started following your blog and I love it! I like the "blog about whatever you want" advice. I always so worried about what other people think and it's stupid!!


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