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Everyone Deserves a Cute Phone

17 April 2013

I admit. This blog post is pretty much an exact replica of my friend Nicole's most recent blog post. BUT WHY?...
because everyone deserves a cute iphone.  

She informed me about an app called Cocoppa that allows you to customize the icons on your iphone! (or maybe I'm the last person to find out about this...hmmm_) It's amazing. I use my phone multiple times a day and now I'm glad it's finally cute. haha  Here is my iphone currently. Don't judge me. I like pink okay?!

Also notice the low battery...

The app is pretty much self explanatory, but if you want a step by step tutorial visit this blog.

 Here are just a couple of things I had to learn through trial and error that may save you the time:

1) Don't delete your original app. (I have all of the original apps in a folder that I scroll over to get to)
2) For calling and texting icons you have to pick a specific person...obviously keep the normal phone and
 texts icons too...but really my husband is pretty much the only person I call and text so this makes it faster for me.
Here is what my phone looks like when I scroll over...but only for this specific picture purpose. haha I have way too many apps I don't even use:
Notice how the battery is now charging. Yep it died mid picture taking. haah
3) I can't figure out how to change the photos and notes icons. If you figure it out let me know.

--------Adding this part the next day.............

4) I just realized the app has super cute wallpapers too! Now which one to choose? ....


  1. Totally agree! Can't wait to get phone fixed today! :) I gave you a Liebster Award! You can check it out on my blog. :)

  2. I just recently gave up my iphone for an android.. :( and I honestly do miss it.. and all those photography apps as well. Android isn't just up to par with iPhone for photography!

    Missing my iPhone now!

    Great blog as well!



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