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Out the Window My iphone Went (literally)

26 April 2013

After driving around for 2 hours looking at houses, Kyler screams out of boredom from the back seat.

Jared: "Can you do something about that?"
Me: "Sure! Kyler, want to play the robot game on my iphone?"
Kyler: "YESH!"

I give my iphone to Kyler to play with. I'm not worried about him breaking it. It's in the indestructible otter box iphone case. 5 minutes later Kyler screams out of boredom from the back seat again.

Me: "It's kinda hot in here and so pretty outside...can you roll down all of the windows?"
Jared: "Sure!"

10 minutes later I look back at Kyler to see if he needs any help playing his robot game on my iphone. That's when I realize he is no longer holding my iphone.

Me: "Kyler, where is mommy's iphone?"
Kyler: (blank stares)
Me: "Ughh he probably dropped it on the floor." (I look on the floor. I look on the seat.)
Jared: "Do you want me to pull over?"
Me: "Yeah, he's probably sitting on it."

I crawl into the back seat, unbuckle Kyler, and check. It's not there. It's not anywhere....then I realize Kyler's window is still rolled down.

Me: "OH. MY. GOSH."
Kyler: "All gone!" (smiles)
Jared: "Let me guess. He threw your iphone out the window?"
Me: "I hope not. Call me!"

No ring. Then Jared uses the "Find My iphone app".  My phone is on Cambridge Street 10 minutes away! We race back, and there it is...safely in the hands of an elderly couple who had been riding their motorcycle and happened to see my phone in the street and picked it up.

There wasn't a scratch on it. I was just grateful it hadn't been stolen or run over by a car!

 Beware. This little face isn't as innocent as it seems.


  1. Mom was feeling very nervous while I was reading she also says you are forbidden from giving kyler your iphone with the windows rolled down. Love you

  2. That's crazy! I'm glad you found.

  3. That rascal! That locator app is golden!

  4. good grief! thank heavens you found it! :)


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