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Typical Monday Happenings

01 April 2013

I decided to document my day today, for no particular reason. Sorry in advance for the horrible grammar. I wrote some while they were happening, and others after they happened so I switch tenses back and forth.

9am. Wake up. Kyler has been waking up around 8am lately, but today he slept in! Breakfast? Bananas and Cereal.
10am. Gym. I had a very lazy workout- I walked on the treadmill- slowly I might add, while I caught up on my fav netflix show haha.
11am. Off to the library to return books. After the library we headed to the Boardwalk to feed the ducks and play at the castle/boat park!
12:00pm Home for lunch, and Kyler helped me empty the dishwasher, and then we played in the living room with our dog. During this time Kyler went to time-out sevearl times (for pulling the dog's tail when I told him not to).
1:00pm NAP time. Glorious nap time.
2:00pm Yes, I think I'll take a nap too.
3:00pm Ky (and I) woke up, and tidied up the house.
4:00pm I got some yard work done outside and made Kyler some sidewalk chalk paint.

5:00pm Dinner preparations.
6:00pm Jared came home from work and headed outside to mow the lawn.
Kyler and I gave Bauer a bath in Bauer's bathtub (He has his own bathtub. Spoiled dog). After we rinsed his conditioner out I realized that I needed to retrieve a towel out of the linen closet to dry Bauer I darted down the hall (a whole 4 feet away) to get the clean towel. When I returned to the bathroom, I discovered that Kyler had decided to take the matter of drying off Bauer into his own hands using an entire roll of toilet paper. I tried not to cry and took a picture instead thinking I might laugh about it later.
 7:00pm. Dinner. Finally. French Dipped Sandwiches never tasted so good. After dinner we had a quick FHE lesson on choosing the right, and obeying.
8:00pm. Kyler's bedtime. Finally me and Jared time. We are currently watching The Voice (awesome show) while I am writing this. Good night blogging world!


  1. awesome park. Where is that? We may just have to try it out. PS I love your days. They sound a lot like mine--minus the whole yard work part.

  2. It's at the Shoppes of university place. Off of tryon. Pretty much across the street from the hospital. You've never been there?! They have paddle boats too, it's pretty cool.


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