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102 lbs

20 May 2013

Last year when we took Bauer to the vet he weighed 86lbs, which is a good weight for a golden retriever his height. Soon after that appointment we switched his dog food to a cheaper brand.

Last week, we took Bauer in for his yearly visit, and his vet told us he weighs 102lbs now!!! Apparently cheap dog food is like the dollar menu at McDonalds. It's cheap, delicious, and full of fat. So this week we switched his dog food back to the healthy kind....and will be doing this every day after dinner:

 Kyler insists that he gets to be the one that holds Bauer's leash. Also, I just realized how we rarely use Kyler's stroller anymore. When I do get the stroller out.... Kyler prefers to push it rather than sit in it. baby is a big boy now!


  1. Just found your blog from your comment. Love it! And I love your header. :)

  2. oh no! Poor doggy. He doesn't look that big. I had a Golden growing up & he was super chunks.
    You can always start making your own dog food- hahah!

  3. Oh my gosh hahaha I can't believe people actually buy that let alone cook meals just for their dogs lol!


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