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Can We Stay? Can We Stay Please?

26 May 2013

We are currently on vacation on Topsail Island , NC- my most FAVORITE place to be. We usually come with family, but this time we invited a few friends to join us (The Foyes-old friends from GA/ school in ID, the Starnes-friends from church, and the Shufords-friends from Jared's work). Our kids are all getting along great, and we're having a blast! I'm not going to spend too much time on this post now-I just want to add a few pictures:
So Kyler. I LOVE it.

Ashlynn and Kyler

Beckett and Kyler playing tag
I forgot to tell Jared to switch the camera from manual to auto...but I love the way it came out anyway. This was right after my morning run. Be amazed. I exercised on vacation.
All of the lil kid swings were taken so Jared held Kyler...such a good daddy :)
I seriously don't want to leave. Ever.

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