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Locked Out

10 May 2013

Jared took his little "boy scouts" (from church) camping and my dad is at the beach house tonight....which left my mom and I widows for the evening/night- so we decided to hang out! As I was leaving her house around 10pm my mom said:

"Make sure to call me when you get home so that I know you made it safely. Especially because Jared isn't home. What if something happened on your drive and you didn't make it home? Nobody would know about it!" 

She is a worrier if you can't tell. I promised I would, and was on my way. When I pulled in the garage at home Kyler was just about to fall asleep. I turned off the car, opened both of our doors, and locked them before taking him out of his car seat. Habit. As I was unbuckling him I remembered my mom's request to call her but I wanted to hurry and put Kyler in bed before he woke up all the way. So "brilliant me" decided I would leave my phone in the car so I would have to come back out to the car to get my phone and that would remind me to call her.

After Kyler was in bed I walked back out to the garage and "tried" to open the car door. Locked. I looked in the windows and saw my keys sitting on the seat right next to my phone. I panicked. The spare key was with Jared who was of course camping. I ran inside and got on my computer thinking maybe one of my siblings would be online and then they could text my mom (I don't memorize cell numbers. I have a smart phone thank you. A smart phone that is USELESS locked in my car) and husband (who was also expecting to hear from me of course) to tell them what happened.  Of course all 4 of my siblings were "offline" So I decided to panic some more. That made me feel better. Not. So I logged onto facebook hoping one of them would be on facebook chat. Nope! Finally I discovered that one of my friends whose husband had Jared's cell number was on facebook chat and she basically saved the night.

A few hours later one of my sisters FINALLY got online and when I told her what happened she couldn't stop laughing at me. Part of our conversation:
Mel: Oh sorry i saw you tried to chat with me...I was outside whatcha doin?
Char: Your a little too late to save the day but it's all good now. i locked my phone and keys in the car. Jared is out camping and mom was at her house waiting for me to call her i needed you to text them and tell them what happened.
Mel: LOL hahahahahaha
Char: I was panicking so bad! ....and now I'm so paranoid without a phone! How do I call 911 if I need to...what if a boogie man breaks in? I like how you laugh at me. Just wait. You'll do the same thing tomorrow ;)
Mel: LOL! don't say that! We'll be in dallas tmr. that would stink. Call me and i'll call 911 for u....Oh wait. hahaaha
Char: Good one.
Mel: BOO
Char: ahhh!
Mel: hahahahaha don't be scared
Char: Don't do that!
Mel: LOL!!!!!
Char: >:( stop iiiiit!
Mel: wait....what....
Char: gulp
Mel:....was that?! Out your sliding glass door....
My sister loves me...can't you tell? haha

I'm trying to look at the bright least I got locked out of my car at home. I am safe and sound inside with my toddler peacefully snoozing down the hall....I think I'll join him... Good night!

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