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Moldy Cheese. Yum.

01 May 2013

Don't you just love that moment when you open up the fridge and panic when you find that the block of cheese has gone moldy?

.....then you think about it and you realize you usually don't even buy blocks of cheese, you usually buy your cheese already that really cheese at all?

Nope. Apparently you husband bought this without you knowing:

 I love this kind of moldy cheese ;)


  1. Bahaha! We love cheese too much over here to EVER let it get moldy! We also love that kind of cheese. What brand is that btw bit looks really good!

  2. Nestlé cookie dough. Mmmm! It's really good, but nothing beats homemade cookie dough.

  3. This made me laugh! I am pretty sure the worst thing ever is finding something in the back of the fridge that you don't even recognize anymore...

  4. lol! I hope you ate that whole thing and wrapped up a piece of cheese in the same wrapper- a nice surprise for Jared :).


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