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No Rag? No Problem!

30 May 2013

I bought Kyler a water bottle a few months ago. He loves it, but it's not spill proof. Yesterday he apparently spilled some water...then [I'm guessing] he felt guilty and wanted to clean it up, but couldn't reach the paper towels/rags which were on the kitchen counter. So what did he do?

He stripped down and used his underwear to mop the water up! Not his shirt. Not his shorts. His UNDERWEAR. Sometimes I wish I could have a lil peek into his brain to see why he does the things he does.
He's the grandson of an engineer, I tell people, he figures out how to solve problems that might otherwise seem impossible.


  1. Ha! That is so sweet! What a great helper you have on your hands =)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA Oh my goodness that made me laugh so hard! Here I am trying to be quiet at work while catching up on your blog and I read this post... Busted! Haha


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