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Potty Training ...DONE

06 May 2013

We did it! We potty trained our little boy. I am SO proud of him!

He had been showing signs of potty training readiness, so I researched a lot of different methods of potty training and customized them into my own...and it worked! Oh and he is 2 years, 5 months. Here is what we did:

Step 1. Bought all of the gear. 

We bought 2 packs of thick Gerber training pants (these are the ones pictured on the right...they come in a package with blue/stripes/and dog prints) We got these kind for the first few week of potty training. They are super absorbent and Ky never had pee running down his leg when he had an accident. The toddler boxer briefs pictured on the left are what he is starting to wear now. They are from Target and I think they are the cutest things everrrr!

We also bought gerber water proof pants to put on over his underwear when we went out in public for the first week of potty training. (I had a lot of places to be that week-as always). Luckily he has NEVER had an accident out in public though. Lucky right? Knock on wood.We also purchased the baby bjorn potty seat that you put directly onto the toilet. I am SO happy with it. I would definitely recommend this seat for potty training little boys. It has an integrated splash guard (no pinching or leaking) it is easy to clean and small and light weight. We also bought Kyler a potty book ('Chugga Chugga Poo Poo' haha it's a cute book) and of course we also bought potty treats and flush-able wipes. I think that's all. It sounds like a lot, but really it's nothing compared to the price of diapers!

Step 2. We explained to him what was happening.
 I told him diapers (he calls them "diaper bum bums" haha) are all gone and showed him where they used to be. He agreed that they were all gone and when I took the diaper off that he was wearing he threw it away and I said "last diaper is gone!" ...and he repeated. I put his underwear on and told him "no more diapers- you get to wear underwear and be a big boy and use the potty!"

Kyler the proceeded to say "Noooo!" and "underwear stuck!" I guess he didn't like the feeling at first, but he got used to it quickly- ESPECIALLY when I told him that if he goes pee or poop in the toilet he could have a piece of candy. That switched his attitude right around. He got really excited and wanted to try immediately. The first time I put him on the toilet nothing happened. It took several trips (every 20 min) before he finally went.

Step 3. We had to be consistent. 
The first  few days of potty training I set the timer and put him on the toilet every 30 minutes. He only got a piece of candy if he went. When we had to leave the house to run errands I put his potty seat and a change of clothes (just in case he had an accident while we were out)  in a back pack and took it everywhere we went.

Now I don't need to bring the potty seat with me, but it really helped for the first 2 weeks to make everything normal and consistent for him. Also now I only take him on the potty every 1-2 hours because I know he can hold it longer. He is also starting to tell me when he needs to go which is nice in case I forget how long its been since he last went. We still put a pull-up on him for naps and bedtime, but they are always dry when he wakes up- he holds it until I get him out of his room and take him to the bathroom which is really nice!

Day 1 of potty training was about 50/50. Half accidents, half made it in the potty. (I didn't bother putting pants on him)
Day 2 of potty training he only had two accidents.
Day 3 of potty training-one accident.

We are now on week THREE of potty training and he hasn't had an accident since the first week! We got it down! We are so proud of Kyler.
 Here is our potty trained boy- 2.5 years old!

He is so proud of himself. He seriously tells EVERYONE he is wearing underwear. It's his favorite word, and he actually pronounces it crystal clear (seems like a hard word for a 2 year old to pronounce right?). The other day he walked up to a few cute 5 year old girls on the playground and declared "I gots UNDERWEAR!" The girls giggled and ran away. I'm writing this on the blog to embarrass future Kyler :D

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  1. Yay!! What a huge hurdle out of the way. I am so happy you posted the steps you used for us momma's that will need it in the future!

  2. yeah ky! did he show any signs that he was ready or were you just done with diapers.

    I am terrified to start. mostly because I can't be consistent while I'm stuck nursing.

  3. Lauren, he was definitely showing potty training readiness signs.
    Here is the website I went off of:

    I wrote a post about it back here:

    I agree it might be a little difficult to do while trying to nurse...I would probably wait til Luke is nursing less

  4. Nicely done Kyler! And at 2 1/2! I didn't even attempt to train Jack until he was almost 3 because I heard boys were harder than girls. And yes I totally agree with you, little boy underwear is soooo cute. I love the boxer briefs :)

  5. Potty training! My bestie's sons were so excited to potty train because they got to wear "undies like daddy" That's amazing that you got him potty trained so young! :) Yayyyy!!!


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