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These Are a Few of My Favorite Scents

18 May 2013

This is a random post, but I'm always curious what my friend's favorite scents here are mine at the moment:
In not particular order:
1. Paris Amour -Bath and Body Works
2. Love Spell -Victoria's Secret
3. Be Enchanted -Bath and Body Works
4. Aqua di Gioia for women -Giorgio Armani

What other scents are good?! (comment below!)


  1. I love viva la juicy and sexy little things noir!

  2. I love Burberry Brit and almost anything made by Escada. That Be Enchanted one is yummy too.

  3. I love Daisy, by Marc Jacobs. Not the one with the gold top. The one that has the light pink flowers. It mixes well with body chemistry.

  4. mmmm i wish i could smell them thru the screen! i have that paris scent in hand sanitizer and like it!


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