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Thumbs Up for Summer, Popsicles, and Blessings!

16 May 2013

It's finally popsicle weather here! Summer certainly took its' sweet time this year.

We have been busy planning for our move next month! Moving is definitely not a fun process. Forwarding mail from the Post Office, changing addresses on bank accounts, transferring services with utility companies... let alone all the packing and planning that goes into relocating. In the end though it will all be worth it! As I mentioned in my previous post, my parents are serving a mission in Chile for 2 years! We are so excited for them! They have been trying to sell their home over the past few months, while we have simultaneously been searching for a home to buy (in a much lower price range than my parents!). Both of us had been unable to find what we were looking for. It ended up becoming a blessing in disguise though! We decided to rent their home while they are away. This way we can take care of their home maintenance, bills, and taxes, plus they wont need to rent their home to strangers while they are gone. We, on the other hand, get to rent a beautiful home in a fantastic neighborhood at a great price, and serve my parents while they serve the Lord!  


  1. Uhhhhh....AWESOME!!! Perfect timing!

  2. Congratulations- it sounds like it all worked out great! We are in the process of buying our first home and moving now.


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