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A Lucky Leaf Father's Day

16 June 2013

We are at the Lucky Leaf beach house (on Topsail Island) spending time with my family this week. This is the last time our whole family will be together before my parents leave on their 2 year church mission in Chile! ....and lucky me, I got to spend time with my baby daddy AND my daddy today (father's day)! I love these boys!!

Kyler refused to look at me because he was too busy enjoying a piece of candy. It's okay kid, I know the feeling. Candy is awesome.

I don't have a picture of my whole fam (it was taken on my sisters camera) So I'll have to post it later, but I did snap a quick picture of all the grandkids together...for once none of them were crying (thanks to candy)! haha. Why do kids hate pictures so much?

With so many little ones that have different nap schedules, it is hard finding quiet places to put them down for naps, so some of them sleep in the walk-in closets, but in Kyler's case? He naps in the elevator:
I brought his toddler bed mattress from home, and it fits perfectly in the elevator. It is nice and dark and (some-what quiet) :-0
Welp, I'm off to take a relaxing Sunday Nap here: (this is where you are supposed to be jealous haha)
Sunday naps are the best. Yes?

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  1. What a gorgeous view! Looks like you had an amazing weekend!


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