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A New Hobby

21 June 2013

This week Jared and I started a new collection of sharks teeth! It's easiest to find them in spots of the beach that look like this:

If you look closely in those patches of broken shells and rocks you can find sharks teeth. 

....Your turn!....Can you find the sharks tooth? (It is the same one that I found pictured above.)

It is easiest to spot a sharks tooth when you are walking by and the tooth catches the sunlight just right...sharks teeth are very smooth and shiny!

 Our cute little helper likes to hunt for sharks teeth too!

Jared found 387 sharks teeth this trip! I just grabbed a couple from the stash and snapped a they are:

We like to have contests to see see who can get the most, or find the best sharks tooth in a certain amount of time. It's quite addicting once you get going.

What are some of YOUR family hobbies/collections?


  1. What a neat idea! So fun- I love to look for shells on the beach. I can't seem to sit still for very long at the beach :)

  2. that sounds like ssoo much shark teeth here :(


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