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05 June 2013

A mother bird decided to build her nest on our front porch! I wanted to see her babies earlier this week, but unfortunately I was too short (even standing on a chair). So I grabbed my camera and tried holding it over my head while pointing the camera down near the entrance to the nest (being careful not to touch anything), but all I could see from my camera was black. Lame. Meanwhile the mother bird was sitting on a near by tree glaring at me for getting so close to her nest, so I quickly went back inside. I thought about trying to get a picture of the nest at night, that way I might be able to see the nest via the BRIGHT flash on my camera, but then I thought that the mother would probably be sitting on her nest at night, and I didn't want to make her an angry bird (bahaha pun obviously intended because I'm so funny). Plus, I've heard that sometimes mothers will abandon her nest if they smell human on them, so I think I'll stay away.
The bird nest is up inside that column. This picture was taken from my window (blurry finger prints complements of Kyler)
I've been watching the mother bird through my window. Does this make me a creepy bird stalker? hmm... She brings worms back to her [noisy] babies every 10 minutes all day long (and I used to think sitting on a comfy chair nursing was a lot of work). This mama bird on my front porch pricked my curiosity about birds, and she is the reason, my friends, that I have become a bird nerd. SO, do ya want to hear some nerdy bird facts? Sure you do!

1)"Scientest know that many females two-time; that they even practice divorce. There is jealousy between birds; there are home-wreckers. Some females competing for attention of a male have been caught smashing their rivals' eggs by biologist in Sweden." (PBS) ----Talk about bird drama. LOL

2) "Sometimes the eldest of the birds in a nest will share its food with the youngest and weakest. After 3 weeks the nestlings are all the same size." (PBS)

3) I would write down the 3rd interesting fact, but then you probably wouldn't watch the youtube video below. SOOOO.....WATCH this youtube video!!! Make sure you watch the whole thing. The last part is the best.

Isn't that the most disgusting thing you have ever seen in your life?!?! You're welcome. Seriously...and I used to gag just wiping a baby bum with a wet-wipe. bahaha....them mother birds have it rough. Oh and here is the link where I got my birdy nerdy know you want to read it:  and if that is not enough birdy nerdy-ness for can watch The Life of Birds series with me on Netflix. YES! 10 whole episodes people.

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  1. We get bird nests in the same place at our house!!! When the babies fledge, the poop ALL OVER. Just a warning! It is kind of cool to watch Momma bird come and go, and listen to the baby peeps.


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