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Boy You so Sly

10 June 2013

Ky has become quite the clever little guy. He knows how to get what he wants. He does this many ways, but two ways in-particular:

1) He says things so sweetly I can't help but give in. For example:

Me: "Kyler, go to your room. It's time to go to bed."
Kyler: "No thank you. Snuggle?"

*Next thing I know Kyler, Jared, and I are all snuggling under a tiny blanket in our room instead of Kyler sleeping in his own room. He knows that I love it when he says "no thank you" instead of "NO!" and that snuggling is my weakness.

2) He purposefully slurs his words, so that you have to clarify what he is saying and then he uses it against you like it's your own idea. For example:

Kyler: "aw gona pawk!"
Me: "You want to go to the park?"
Kyler: "Okay."

Kyler: "adama ice keem."
Me: "You want ice cream?"
Kyler: "Okay!"

*Next thing I know I'm pushing him on a swing when we should be grocery shopping and serving him ice cream before bed and I'm thinking: "Wait. What just happened. How did he do that?"

Another example:
Kyler: "balloon agaba en lawer shower."
Me: "You want me to put your balloon under the water like it's in the shower?"
Kyler: "Okay."

*Next thing I know I'm in the pool with my clothes on getting soaked just to give a balloon a "shower".

Thanks auntie Courtney for sending us so many cute pictures from this weekend!
I don't know how he does what he does, but this boy has me whipped!


  1. My son does the EXACT same thing! The second one specifically. Toddlers are much smarter than we know, I swear!

  2. Because he's adorable that's how.


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