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Fake Camping

03 June 2013

We love real camping don't get me wrong, but there just wasn't time to for 'driving to the mountains' in this weekend's schedule. Okay, and to be completely honest I just finished all of our beach trip laundry and I didn't want to come home and have 4 more loads of laundry to do. (Haha does that tell you how much I despise laundry?) Anyways, so because of the time and laundry issues, we set up a tent in the living room. (Does this make us weird? Oh well, we had fun!) It was the perfect temperature, there weren't any bugs, plus we got to watch a movie through the opened tent door. We even ate S'mores-they would've been better toasted over a fire, but they were still delicious nonetheless. (Can you go wrong with chocolate and marshmallows?)

Kyler LOVED playing in the tent.We left it up Saturday morning, and Kyler's little friends enjoyed playing in it too!
Fake camping is fun! You should try it.


  1. I did this for my husband back in January. (You can read about it here .)I made it an indoor camping night and used candles as the campfire. We had never been actual camping together. Now that we have, we're hooked and go almost every weekend. :)

  2. Cute! I hate laundry too, so less laundry + s'mores = a great idea!


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