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13 June 2013

It was time. Time for this messy haired babe to get a haircut.
 My friend Taya cut it- I was too nervous to do it myself, and didn't know of any good kid hair cut places to go. So she chopped it off...and it looks adorable! It's especially a nice summer cut- his old shaggy mop hair must've been hot!
"Flash too bright mom!"
He is a goof ball:
He came up with this next pose all on his own:

That would be an air mattress in our living-room in the background of this picture.  Last week we had a tent in our living-room and this week an air mattress? Yep! We inflated it to see if it was leaking air, because we might need to sleep on it next week at the beach house when we go for family reunion. Including nieces and nephews, there are 20 people on my side of the family now! It's crazy how fast families grow. Anyways it IS leaking air...probably because as soon as Kyler saw it he climbed up and started jumping on it. Can you blame him? Isn't waking up to a giant bouncy house type bed in your living-room every kids dream?.....but take a look at that cute little innocent face though-there is no way he could ever do anything wrong! Like poke a hole in our pricey air-mattress.... haha love him anyway!


  1. Oooo Kyler is a STUD!!! love new hair do on him he is so adorable

  2. Cute haircut! He looks so big!


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