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I Guess It's Moving Week

26 June 2013

I'm blogging from my phone here while putting my feet up to rest for a minute. Moving is exhausting. Despite the fact that we are nowhere NEAR done unpacking, I am pleased with the way things are going. At church on Sunday somebody asked Jared what time we would be moving this week. Then BAM Monday afternoon right when we got our moving truck we had 7 young men at our door ready to help. It was awesome. I love that about church. There are always so many people wanting to help and serve each other. So yeah...if any of you readers out there are moving anytime soon and need help, I PROMISE you I can get you some free movers. Even if you aren't Mormon and you live across the country in tiny city I've never heard of before...ask me, I dare you...I can get you free happy helpful people ready to serve :)

We still have a few more things at our old house and some cleaning to do...hopefully we'll be completely done moving and unpacking by Friday! Here are a few pictures (and maybe a video of I can get it to upload from my phone). I was labeling some boxes and Kyler came and sat down next to me with a crayon and started "helping me". He's so sweet.

Kyler misses his grandparents. He asks about them multiple times a day:

I can't thank everyone enough for the help we have received moving, the people who have watched Kyler for us, and of course my parents for renting us their house while they are in Chile for the next two years.

ps I just got our little family pics back that my amazing sister snapped last minute of us on the beach...Anyways, more later. So much to do!

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