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Two Scoops Please!

09 June 2013

We had a wonderful weekend full of trips to the pool and spending time with family. The boys worked on home improvement projects while us girls did important things like making ice cream sundae that we dipped in caramel and sprinkles...trying to be SO pinteresty. They looked cute for 14 seconds and then all of the sprinkles slowly dripped down the sides...buuuut pretend you don't know that and think that they are perfect. Okay?!

My parents are leaving on their church mission to Chile in just a few short weeks, so we have been spending a lot of time over at their house. Now Kyler is COMPLETELY infatuated with them...especially my mom.
Time for Kyler to get a haircut?

Whenever it's time to go home, he wraps his little arms around my mom's neck and says "Stay at Snamma and Stampas? Bye bye mama, bye bye dada!" My feelings probably should be hurt by this, but for now, I think it's adorable.

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