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A big boy bed? A big boy bed!

22 July 2013

Our little boy is 2 years and 8 months old! He is getting awfully close to 3-wow! Not only is Kyler growing older, but he is getting bigger too. Currently, he is 27lbs (28th percentile). He reached another big milestone this month. Kyler transitioned from a toddler bed to a big boy bed! I wanted to wait to take pictures of his big boy room until he had his new big boy bed, and new bedding...but that is at the bottom of our looooong list of needs and wants. So, I just decided to go ahead and take pictures of him and his current big boy bed today, to document it- even though we're just temporarily borrowing one of my mom's beds (since they obviously aren't using it in Chile haha).
These are the 5 things he has to sleep with every night.
I was browsing through old pictures of Kyler this week and found this picture of when he was 12 months old wearing the same PJ's that he wore today!
The PJ's were a little big on him back then. I also realized that his room was blue back then (just like now), and he has the same letters hanging on his wall (we've moved several times since then).

He's been sleeping great in his big boy bed! I have proof. I took the picture below during nap time a few days ago...doesn't that slumbering boy look huge?!

A few facts about Kyler lately:
-His favorite food is pizza.
-He is scared of thunder.
-He loves to say the phrases "Oh no, it's stuck!" - "Hold on tight!"- "Yo ho let's go!" - "Aww Man!" 
-Terrorizing our dog, Bauer, is one of his favorite games to play.
-He loves "helping" me with laundry, dishes, dusting, and his favorite...vacuuming the wood floors.
-He has been potty trained for several months, and never has accidents. The other day Kyler watched me make him a PB&J sandwich. We have the easy squeezable jelly, and when I squirted the jelly onto the slice of bread it made a farting sound, and Kyler LAUGHED and pointed his little finger and said "Toots go on potty, jelly!"
 -Balloons are still his most favorite thing in the world.
-Lastly, Kyler LOVES to be tickled. Especially by Jared.
Terrified and hiding behind balloons during a thunderstorm...and tickles from daddy!
We sure do love this little boy!


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