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27 July 2013

On Friday, I asked Jared if he wouldn't mind cooking dinner. 

What did he cook? McDonalds. LOL
Did we have dessert too? You bet.

We ate on the back deck. That annoying sound would be Kyler's kids meal toy. Thanks McDonalds.

After eating such an unhealthy meal yesterday, we decided to get EXTRA healthy food at the grocery  store today.

When we got home from the grocery store, Jared volunteered to put all of the food away. However, my eyes were too quick, and I saw this on the counter before Jared had enough time to hide them in the pantry. Busted. Haha he cracks me up.
So much for eating healthy this week...unless I can convince some friends to bring their kids over and eat these for us! We don't all have our husband's metabolism here!

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  1. wish we could come over and help you eat those ;) C is saying, "Candy! Why there is candy?! A candy. Chockwet."


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