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Getting Settled

01 July 2013

We are completely moved in!  It has been a very busy week, but it feels good to be done. We are loving the house and neighborhood. Jared's commute to work is slightly longer, but it's worth it to live here.

 A few thoughts I have about moving: 

1) We have too much stuff- Seriously, how did we accumulate so much in one year? When we moved into our first rental house, all of our things fit in ONE little 12 x 12 storage pod. This year? It took us two trips with a 17 foot Uhaul truck. Now the truck wasn't completely packed to the brim, but still- TOO. MUCH. STUFF. While I was unpacking I threw away a lot of junk. It felt good.

2) Labeling boxes is a waste of time- I spent many hours packing and labeling each box with what was inside and which room the box would need to go into. I thought I would be saving us time, but in the end everything just ended up being dumped into one room and we had to sort through it anyways to Kyler took half of the labels off anyways so there really was no point in putting them on there in the first place.

3. I hate moving-It's a lot of work.

4. Oh....we are going to move again in 2 years?- Let's just sell everything. haha :)

We took our table apart to fit it through the door and into the truck more easily, and I was very happy to see that it made it here with no scratches!

A few weeks ago we discovered that Ashley's Furniture was going to discontinue the couch set that we already had one piece of, so we went ahead and bought the matching love seat and rocking recliner... We actually have places to sit in our living room now! It's wonderful.
This is the view from upstairs
New playroom:

More later!

ps... Seem's like these two love-bird parents of mine are doing well in the MTC!

link: Mormon Missionaries

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