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Ouch, that stings!

11 July 2013

I don't know if it is the cucumbers, the tomatoes, or the flowers, but something in our yard is attracting bees and wasps. Yesterday, Kyler wanted to wait outside for Jared to come outside we went!
Side note: A couple of weeks ago, you know before the 18 days of straight rain we've had, Jared and I showed Kyler how to catch fireflies! When you are 2 years old (or from Utah) there is nothing cooler. Do you see where this is going....?

Kyler saw a wasp (and in his 2 year old mind I'm almost completely positive it looked like a firefly) and before I could stop it from happening he reached out his hand to grab it...and...let's just say he received something far less joyous than the delight you receive from catching firefly. 

He let out a high pitched shrill that sent goosebumps down my spine...and I knew it had happened. My poor little boy had been stung by his first wasp! Now, I've only been stung once, when I was 5, but from what I remember, getting stung HURTS. Kyler of course milked it for what it was worth and deservingly got pampered. 

This was about 15 minutes later. He was still refusing to let me put him down, yet he was feeling good enough to at least be amused that I was taking a picture of him to document his first sting. You can see where he got stung on his left was pretty swollen.

After an hour, he was back to his silly self, but still babied his hand, and wouldn't let anyone touch it or even look at it.
I guess now we'll be playing outside at the park...until those wasps and bees leave our yard!

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  1. Poor thing!! I've been stung numerous times, and yes, it hurts! At least you know he's not allergic?


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