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Some dance, some prance...

14 July 2013

"Charleston, Charleston, made in Carolina... some dance, some prance"....anyone know that song? and the dance?

 Jared had last Friday off work, so we took the opportunity to drive to Charleston for the weekend. I've been to Charleston four times now, and I always find new things to do and see!  It's only 3 hours away, but with a toddler in the car, 3 hours can easily seem like 13 hours...but that's nothing a little ice-cream can't fix. I love the way everything looks in Charleston. Including Ben and Jerry's little patio-it's tucked away in the middle of town but still filled with greenery. I love it, and the ice-cream isn't bad either I guess.
Kyler saying "More ice-cream?!" In between every bite before he even swallows. It's that good.

I would LOVE to live in Charleston some day. While we were there, Jared and I picked out our future house. I was torn between the one pictured below (faces the ocean) and another house that had a giant private secret garden in the back complete with a tree-house and lovely swings. Hmm... this is a tough life decision people.

Okay, realistically we would probably only be able to afford one of these townhouses in Charleston, but I'd be okay with that!
Yeah, I'm a tourist. Who cares?

 I love Charleston for a lot of reasons. Lucky you I'm not going to sit here and list them all, but I will say that I love the architecture, and the way [most] people treat you. After all, Charleston is known as "Americas most friendly city."

One of our favorite things this trip was Mt Pleasant Pier. After you drive over the bridge [pictured below on the left] there is an awesome playground underneath, and if you keep walking, you end up on a looooong pier! It was raining lightly when we got there, but since the playground was directly below the bridge...we stayed nice and dry. Perfect!

If you ask Kyler what his favorite part of the trip was... he would say the balloon monkey that a sweet lady made for him while at dinner one night, but coming close in second would be this smoothie in a light up cup! I ordered it because I thought the menu said it was only $1...but apparently (we found out later when we got the bill) it was only an EXTRA dollar for the light projecting logo in addition to the $11 dollar light up cup. Seriously? I paid $12 for a cup that isn't even dishwasher safe!?! :/

On Saturday, we spent a few hours on Folly beach. On our way back to the hotel I noticed a lighthouse way far off in the distance, and Jared immediately turned the car around, so that we could go see it. I'm glad he did, because what an adventure it turned out to be! ;)

Charleston is also known for its' many beautiful churches (like the one pictured above). We didn't get to go inside any of them this trip, but we did stop by one of our own LDS chapels on the way home to attend a service...perfect ending to a perfect trip!

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