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Which Color are you?!

08 July 2013

I was reading one of my friend's blogs a few weeks ago, and she  had posted a link to a personality test. I took it, and..... I'm a BLUE (but coming very very close in second was WHITE).  I had Jared take it too. I guessed which color he would be (after I had taken mine and read what each color meant...and he guessed which color I was after he had taken his test)...and guess what?! We were both wrong about each other...! Also, kind of funny, we both ended up being BLUE~ I guess that's why we get along so well :D

Here is the link...don't read what each color means until after you take the test. It's Free: Personality Color Test.

.............What color are you?!?!..........


  1. I don't remember what the book is called, I think it's The Color Code?

    I was just about equal with blue and white too!

    Then a little bit of yellow...

    And next to no red.

    Which is funny, because the rest of my family are reds!

    The book dives in to the types of relationships between different colors too, it's fun to read!

  2. i'm white! the description was right on!


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