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A New Lunch Box

08 August 2013

A blog post about a lunch box- sounds super lame right? Oh well, my blog, my rules. :p

Even though Kyler typically eats lunch at home with me everyday before school, occasionally he has to eat at the school. So, I bought him a lunch box...and let me just say- I LOVE Kyler's new lunch box!! Surprisingly, we have gotten a lot of use out of it. We bring it to the pool, to pick-nicks at the park, and...Kyler loves it so much, he often request to eat out of it at home.

It's easy for him to carry, all of the food stays in their individual compartments, and best of all no ziplock bags that he gets frustrated trying to open, and I don't like buying! 

Today was one of those rare occasions that Kyler did have to eat lunch at school, and this is what I packed him. He doesn't typically like to eat carrots and celery, but his teacher said he actually ate them today! What do-ya-know- miracle lunch box makes veggies taste better too! Hah. 

Oh and one more thing I like about this lunchbox is how compact it is compared to those bulky lunch-boxes with tacky cartoon characters on them. It fits in the smallest pocket on Kyler's toddler back pack!

I bought the lunch box from Target for I think $9. Target also has THIS and THIS one which are similar.

Our new lunch-box also works great for holding Kyler's church snacks. I took this picture last Sunday before church. Kyler saw daddy with his hands in his pockets, and then discovered that he had pockets too! He was thrilled about his new discovery and wouldn't stop filling them with random things. :)

I hope this lame post about our new favorite lunch-box didn't bore you too much :p

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  1. Ha! Too funny! It does seem really handy, though! I've also seen the tupperware containers for salads that hold the veggies in a bowl, and the lid has built in compartments for dressing and toppings and a fork holder! Gadgets are getting so fancy and useful these days!

    Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon


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