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22 August 2013

This week we taught Kyler that red stoplights mean stop and green lights mean go. Everyday since then he has been watching stoplights from the backseat and when he sees one he yells: "Green means go!" or "Red means stop!".

This little "know-it-all" boy wakes up with MESSY hair.
  I thought him telling us when to stop and go was cute. That is until yesterday... when I had to make a right turn on a red light. I got reprimanded hardcore by my 2 year old from the back seat. He yelled "NO MAMA!! RED MEANS STOPPP!! NO!!"  There was no way I could explain to him the laws about turning right on red lights much less the difference between right and left. So I just sat there... and regretted teaching him about red and green lights to begin with.


  1. Haha, good lesson for anyone who doesn't have kids. Sometimes learning is overrated anyway, right?


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